Hi boohoo!

I wonder if you can help me, with my parcel to be delivered. PLEASE.

I have done all Hermes ask of me,

by providing a missing door number, ( 52E) but still not delivered!.

Or let's consider a full refund.

Order NO: UK15131**** Parcel ID: 653838****011579 Delivering Courier:

12:46 - Sat 13 Feb/11:27 - Sun 14 Feb

We've had an issue with delivering your parcel today. We'll try again the next working day but if you have any details you want to provide please get in touch with us.

Hermes Enquiry - [Incident: 210213-****91]

Barcode provided-653838****011579

Enquiry created date 13/Feb/2021 16:28:55

Enquiry incident number for reference210213-****91

Auto-Response By (Administrator) (15/02/2021 3:28 PM)

Response By E-mail (Maria) (16/02/2021 08.48 AM)

Thank you for contacting us with the missing address details (missing door number) for your parcel: 653838****011579

Please allow 48 hours for a tracking update due to this.

Me on 21/02/21 at 13:32 pm

Hi boohoo,

I would like to updating my address, by adding a door number, ( 52E ) so I can receive my delivery..

Order NO: UK15131****

Tracking NO:


My deepest apologies, thank you. Response from Natalia, on 21/02/21 at 13:46 pm.


I have gone ahead and passed this over to the courier for you now and this should update with the courier within 72 hours at the latest.

Thank you.

User's recommendation: Right now I wouldn't. Needs improving customer relation. relation.

Location: Warwick, England

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