Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for reaching out!

This is absolutel *** You can't talk to anyone only send emails that just get automated replies. I placed an order August 11th. My son talked me into ordering from this app for school clothes. I only did because it said "YOUR ORDER WILL REACH YOU WITHIN 8 DAYS .

8 days came and went. Here is about to be September 1st and still no clothes. I've sent numerous emails with absolutely no luck at all. They've completely ignored me now, clearly.

Shipping thru FedEx stayed at Aug 17th that it passed thru customs...FedEx said the store has prepared the order but has failed to give it to FedEx to deliver.

Now!!! It says was delivered yesterday!!!! There was not one delivery yesterday! I was home all day!

I want my money back immediately and am getting no response from the store.

completely ignored me. Nowbthe

User's recommendation: Do not give this store your money.

Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan

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